Find rentals during the Chester music festival

Chester music festival

If you plan to attend the Chester music festival, you should consider renting a flat in Chester. It is more convenient than staying at a hotel since you get to prepare your meals and generally have the same freedoms as you would at home. There are hundreds of flats to rent in Chester and you can find one when you click here. In Chester, you can find properties, which will comfortably accommodate up to 5 people. This is perfect for medium-sized families that want to enjoy Chester.

Experience Fun and History with a Rental in Chester

Chester is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. It has almost 2000 years of history that visitors can enjoy when they rent in Chester. Its history dates as far back as the Romans. There are even relics from the English Civil War that visitors can view. The city, which is located in the north-west close the Welsh border, offers extensive green space, picturesque building, and various tourist attractions. For instance, you can visit the Chester Zoo, Grosvenor Museum or even go for some shopping along ‘The Rows.’ By renting in Chester, you will be able to explore all these sites and even nearby cities.

A Visit to the Chester Music Festival

One reason why you should get a flat to rent in Chester is to attend the Chester Music Festival. It consists of various exciting music events across the venue. You will get to experience special premiers, Big Band sound, live jazz, contemporary dance, classical recitals, and even an indie-folk trio. You will even have the chance to join in the music making at this year’s event. This will be possible via the Big Storyhouse Jam-along. Dobrinka Tabakova, the multi-award winning Bulgarian composer, will grace the event this year. It is a truly international festival, which has something for everyone. In the 13 days during the festival, there will be over 30 events. There will also be a showcase of talent from the Far East. This will be an event designed for casual listeners, music lovers, the young, the young at heart, the old, and the curious. It is a truly immersive experience of music. For the foodies that love to get their taste buds excited, this is the festival to attend. The festival will run for a whole month. Thus, there is still time to get ready and attend the event. It will run from June 23 and end August 24.

How to Get to Chester

There are no major transport hubs in Chester. However, it is in close proximity to good with other cities. Thus, it will be easy to get to your destinations. The closest airports to the city are in Manchester and Liverpool, which are about 60 and 40-minute drive away from Chester. If you opt for the Manchester train route, it is quite scenic. While getting around Chester on foot is easy, you might also consider hiring a car that will get you to and from your Chester apartments for rent with ease. You will also want to know about the weather in Chester. Just like most areas in the north-west, the weather can at times be wet, sunny, pleasant, warm, or cold. In the late spring and summer, the days are warm and sunny while the autumn is often damp. In the winter, expect cold weather and frost. Whichever time you come to Chester, remember to bring some waterproof clothing. However, with a rental, you will always have a warm and cozy place where you can dry off.

Expect to Find Some of the Best Attractions in the North-West Here

This city is a lot of fun to explore on foot. Spend time visiting the various cafes or looking for souvenirs to take you back home. You should consider visiting the famous city walls that were erected around 75 AD. Another site worth visiting is the Chester Cathedral. On the site where it is built, there has been a place of worship in some form since 958 AD. The current cathedral was erected in the 16th century. Some portions of the older building remain though. For instance, you can find the High Gothic and Chapter House, which was built around the 13th century. A visit to Chester would not be complete without hearing the Chester Choir, which is a highlight of any visit to the city. You can also experience the city’s Roman heritage with a visit to the Chester Roman Amphitheatre. The amphitheatre can date its origins to the 1st century AD, and it was used for various events such as combat sport, gladiator fights, and bull baiting. This continued until around 350 AD. To complete the Roman experience, visit the recreated Roman settlement and experience how they used to live.

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