Interior piano and magic wand

Instrument construction and contemporary composing form an extremely creative team today. Experimentation knows no boundaries. Tracing sound visions releases a lot of imagination in the use of instruments. New sound generators emerge, familiar ones change.

The spectrum of sounds and sound modes has constantly changed in the course of music history. Unusual ways of playing on traditional instruments are only one aspect. At least as important are the further development and specification of the instruments. Motivation for this is often the attraction of the experiment and the realization of stubborn sound ideas.

Surprising extensions

The composer Volker Staub, for example, expands the range of percussion instruments in this way. Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg plays violas with special accessories. Andrea Neumann strings an aluminium frame with strings and calls this Inside-Klavier. Marco Blaauw adds a second funnel to his trumpet, Alexander Schubert transforms the violin bow into an electro-acoustic magic wand, and Johannes B. Sistermanns turns the room itself into an instrument.

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